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173. The Helpful Driver

Theodore Bear got off the bus and looked around to see if there was a map of the city on display but this time there was none.  He could not see an Information Office anywhere either and for a moment he felt a little worried.  Just then a car pulled up next to him and the driver leaned out of the window.  "This is the first time I have seen you here, Mr Bear, where are you wanting to go?" he said.  Theodore read the sign on the car's roof. TAXI it said in big red letters. "I am going to visit my friend who lives at Number 289 Prima Via," Theodore answered him, "but I really do not know how to get there.  Do you?"  The taxi driver smiled, "Sure, I know how to get there.  I know nearly every street in the city.  This is the first time I will be giving a real bear a ride in my taxi and I won't charge you at all."  "Thank you, Sir, that is very kind of you," said Theodore and, feeling very relieved, he climbed into the taxi, putting his back pack and cane on the seat next to him.

Prima Via

Theodore was amazed at how easily the taxi driver edged his car through the heavy traffic and found his way to Prima Via.  He stopped outside Number 289.  "Here you are, Mr Bear, all safe and sound.  Have a lovely time while in our city."  "Thank you very much, Mr Taxi Man," said Theodore and offered his paw to shake the driver's hand before he got out.  The taxi drove away with a wave and a toot on his horn.  Theodore put his back pack on his back again and swung his cane as he opened the gate and walked up the long path to the front door.  "Cassandra has a lovely garden here," Theodore thought and then he knocked on the door.  A voice spoke next to Theodore and he looked around but saw nobody. "Where did that come from?" he wondered.  "Hello, who is there?"  The voice came again and then Theodore realised he needed to speak into the microphone hidden in the wall.  "It is me, Theodore Bear from the desert," he said.


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