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174. A Reunion

A shriek of delight seemed to come out of the wall and almost at once the door opened with Cassandra Bear standing there smiling happily and looking as smart as ever. "Hello, Theodore Bear," she said, "I am so pleased you have come to visit me.  Welcome!  Step inside and we will have a wonderful reunion as I have two more visitors as well.  They have also just arrived and are having a little nap after their long journey.  But you know them too. Put your things down while I  fetch some fruit juice and then you must tell me how you got here and where all you have been."  Theodore sat down on the sofa and admired Cassandra's lovely sitting room. Soon she came in with two tall glasses of juice and a bowl of berries on a silver tray and placed it all on a little table between the sofa and the big chair where she sat down. "I often wondered if you were still traveling, Theodore," Cassandra said, "I was beginning to think you had changed your mind and gone home."

Theodore's Story

Theodore told Cassandra Bear in detail where he had been and everything he had seen. "Every minute of it has been worthwhile," he said, "I have been so pleased to see all the friends I made at Merlena Bear's party and also met some wonderful folk along the way.  One sees so many new things when you travel and I can really recommend it to everybody."  Cassandra listened attentively to all that Theodore had to tell and she had curled herself up comfortably in her big chair.  "Hmm," she said dreamily when Theodore had finished, "just maybe I will travel too one day.  It sounds like a lot of fun."  The door at the far end of the sitting room opened slowly and Theodore wondered who was wanting to come in.  Two heads each with a big smile appeared around the door and Theodore could hardly believe his eyes.  He stood up to greet Cassandra's other visitors.    


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