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177. The Actor!

George Bear was laughing so much that he could hardly talk.  Jeffrey Bear wanted to tell too but George held up his paw.  "Ha, ha, no, no, let me carry on," he said taking a deep breath. "A group of history lovers asked us to come to their meeting as they were putting on a play.  We thought we were going to be part of the audience but when we got there we found out we would be some of the actors."  He looked across at Jeffrey Bear who had suddenly got very quiet.  "Imagine," George went on, "they dressed Jeffrey up in knickerbocker pants, a velvet jacket, big boots and an enormous hat with a long fluffy feather in it.  Ha, ha, you should have seen him," and he laughed all over again.  "But I must tell you that Jeffrey was a very good actor in his part and everybody stood up and clapped the longest for him when it was over."  Theodore and Cassandra laughed too.  "Well done, Jeffrey, stardom next for you," they said.  "Thank you," said Jeffrey and he pretended to bow.

Theodore was Right

"Seriously though," said Jeffrey Bear after George had finished telling about all they had done, "we have had a lovely time and also traveled a lot to the different places to accept the invitations.  Our national suits have always been admired and the little flags that we carry with us have attracted a lot of attention.  We know now why you said it is wonderful to travel and see new places, Theodore, we have experienced that ourselves."  Cassandra suggested a cup of mulberry tea and everyone thought that would be a good idea.  While they drank their tea Cassandra told them of the plan for the next day.  "I do not think you have had a chance to see the waterfront yet and that would be something different.  The lake is beautiful and we will be able to walk along the water's edge or look at the interesting little shops on the boardwalk.  I have not been there for a while either so we can explore together."  "Yes, let's do that," they all agreed and before long they were all asleep.


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