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176. Mascots!

Jeffrey Bear looked at Cassandra and laughed, "We will still be sitting here tomorrow then!  As you know we always wear these national suits and people seem to like them. They invite us to visit them  on their special days and we always try and go.  We have marched in parades, stood in a guard of honor and been to important ceremonies.  But we have also done some fun things."  George Bear got so excited when Jeffrey mentioned the fun that he took over.  "Yes we have," he said and sat forward in his chair. "A football team asked us to come and be their mascots when they played a match against a visiting team.  Every time they scored a goal someone lifted us up onto their shoulders and the supporters cheered much louder than before.  I think they liked us a lot." And George Bear looked so proud of himself.  "I hoped they would not drop us in all the celebration," said Jeffrey, "we were pretty high up on those shoulders."

The Fun

George Bear was enjoying himself telling about all the interesting things he and Jeffrey Bear had done.  "A teacher invited us to come to her history class. 'Bring your little flags too, please,' she said.  The children say history is so boring and she wanted us to take the lesson to make it more interesting.  We had to learn history too so we knew all the answers but the children said it was the best lesson they ever had.  That made it all worthwhile."  Jeffrey remembered another day when they were asked to visit a model ship club. "They built old ships like used to sail around our coast many, many years ago," he told, "and we had to choose which model was the best. That was very difficult as they were all beautiful.  We learned a lot about ships that day." Then GeorgeBear nearly got the giggles.  "Ha, ha, haaaa," he laughed, "wait till you hear about this one."  


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