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179. Cassandra's Treat

The next morning at breakfast Cassandra Bear at last asked the question all the other bears were waiting for.  "Now, did any of you figure out what my surprise is?" she asked with a smile.  George Bear was the only one who thought he knew.  "We are going fishing?" he guessed.  "Wrong," laughed Cassandra, "I think I will have to tell you.  We are going on a cruise.  I was given four tickets and this is a wonderful opportunity to use them when I can take you with.  I hope you all enjoy sailing."  George and Jeffrey Bear both nodded but Theodore said nothing.  "Hmmm, what is the matter, Theodore," asked Cassandra, "you look very worried."  "W-w-well, I live in the desert and have never been on a boat before. I hear one gets sea-sick and your face turns green," Theodore answered, "is that so? I would feel very silly with a green face"  The other bears could not help smiling and Cassandra explained, "No, Theodore, you really do not have to be worried. The water in the lake is very calm and the boat sails along ever so smoothly.  You will enjoy the cruise.  I know you will."

Theodore and the Boats

The bears were soon walking along on their way to the lake.  It was a perfect morning and the sun shone from a clear blue sky. They went through the turnstile at the entrance to the harbor and followed the crowd towards the quayside. Theodore wanted to look at everything at once.  He saw the steps leading down to the wooden walkways where all the small boats were moored one next to the other.  Some were very small boats and he was glad they would not be going out in one of those.   In between were some yachts with their sails neatly wrapped up and their tall masts seemed to reach the sky.  Theodore remembered the yachts he had seen on the river once and thought he would rather not go on a boat that tips from side to side even if it did look steady now.  He had to walk a little faster to catch up with the others and then Cassandra pointed to the big cruise ship at the end of the pier opposite.  "“We must go over there," she said, "that is the ship we will be sailing on." 


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