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37. More about the Desert

"Oh, yes, but a big tree like this will only grow if I dig a very large hole and fill it with good soil before I plant it and then water it every day," said Theodore Bear as he went on to tell Shelley more  about the desert.  "The birds that live there also know how to sit in the cactus plants without getting caught up on the long thorns.  They are able to find food and water and materials to build their nests.  Animals live in the desert too.  Wolves and pumas and bobcats, but they mostly stay in some shade when it is so hot by day and come out at night to hunt.  There are also lots of bunnies that come out at night in the desert and they can run very fast.  Reptiles like lizards and snakes prefer the hot days and you can see them at anytime."  Shelley and the other bears all listened carefully to what Theodore had to say about the desert.  "Thank you, Theodore," said Shelley, "but I think it would be too hot for me in the desert." and the other bears all nodded their heads in agreement.


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