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40. Hernando Bear tells some more

Hernando Bear went on with his story.  "There on the doorstep stood his rascally nephew and he said, 'Hello, Uncle Edward, I have come to live with you now'."  And that was that.  This nephew's name was Beau-me Bear and he was always in all sorts of trouble.  He would sneak out at night to go and steal honey from the neighbors but he never got it right.  Their dogs saw him and barked so loudly that the farmers came to see what the matter was.  Then he got scared so ran away and tried to climb through the fences quickly.  Most times he got stuck on the wires and left pieces of his fur behind.  It did not take long until he looked very scruffy.  That earned him the nickname Scraps and, as far as I know, he is still stuck with that name today."   "Ha, ha, ha," the other bears and Shelley laughed, "serves him right," they said, but added, "Scraps was very naughty to go stealing things that belonged to others."


Finding Charm said...

What a naughty nephew!
I'm in Martha Stewart's Dreamers into Doers as well. Just joined.

TG Bears said...

Yes, he is quite something. I found you on DID :-)

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