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43. Back at the Mall

The little group walked briskly back through the Mayor's Arcade and found their way to the same shops where they had been when Shelley came and spoke to Merlena Bear.  "Phew!  At least we are not late," said Ferdinand Bear and looked around.  "Look, there is my Mummy coming now.  She is also not late," said Shelley and waved to her.  Then she turned to speak to the bears.   Her face looked sad but she bravely tried to give them a bright smile.  "Thank you, all my Special Bear Friends, for a wonderful, wonderful day that I will always remember.  Thank you for taking me with you and sharing your lunch with me.  Thank you for all you told me and thank you for so much fun playing games together.  I love you all," and she gave each bear a big, tight hug and they hugged her in return.  Ferdinand just nodded his head but Hernando Bear saw Merlena wipe a tear away. Theodore gave a weak smile and said, "I guess that is what you would call a bear hug."


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Bear hugs are the best!

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