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45. Ferdinand Bear's Decision

The next morning Theodore Bear was the first one in the house to wake up.  He got up, stretched and tip-toed quietly across to look out of the kitchen window.  The sun was shining brightly again and the neighbor's cat was sitting on a fence post watching their dog digging for a bone.  It did not take long until all the other bears were up too and they sat in the garden to eat breakfast.  They stayed chatting for a good while about all they had seen and done and then Ferdinand Bear spoke up.   "Merlena", he said,  "I am so glad I was able to come and celebrate your birthday and spend these few days with you but now it is time for me to go home again.  I need to attend to my garden and my fish pond.  I must catch the train this afternoon."  "Thank you so much for coming, Ferdinand, it was lovely to have you here," Merlena Bear said.  "We will all come to the station with you and see you off."


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