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50. The Next Plan

That evening after supper the bears were relaxing in Merlena's lounge and it seemed to be so quiet without Ferdinand Bear.  They were all missing him.  "Ferdinand has a long way to go home and will be travelling all night.  I wonder if he is asleep on the train already but I am sure he has eaten all the cookies by now," said Merlena Bear with a smile and the others laughed.  Theodore Bear sat up a little straighter in his chair and asked, "What have you planned for tomorrow?  Could we all go to town together again and go to the very top of the tallest building to get a good view over the city?"  "Good idea," said Merlena and Hernando almost together.  "The tallest building here is only 14 storeys high but it has a public viewing area on the roof," said Merlena, "and the view is lovely." 


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