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49. The Good-byes

The train should be arriving any minute now.  Ferdinand held out his paw to Merlena first and then gave her a big hug.  "Thank you, Merlena, so much for everything. I will never forget this visit and the wonderful day with Shelley.  Take care till we meet again."  "Come again soon, Ferdinand," said Merlena.  Then he shook paws with Hernando and Theodore.  He smiled and said in a deep growly voice, "I hope you will all visit me one day.  I have enough space and would really like to show you where I live."  The loudspeakers crackled again and a voice said, "Attention, Platform 24, train pulling in!"  The big engine with a long line of coaches slipped slowly to a halt and passengers disembarked first.  All the bears spoke together, "Good-bye, good-bye," they said and Ferdinand Bear climbed up the steps into the coach.  He quickly found an open window and reached out a paw to shake with the other bears before the train slowly moved away and picked up speed.  The bears waved and waved until they could not see the train any more.


Finding Charm said...

So sad, the good-byes. But what an adventure when they go to visit.

TG Bears said...

Soon Theodore will be heading off on an adventure of his own. Obviously, he will update you all by keeping his journal.

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