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47. The Station

The bears walked quickly to the tram stop and had hardly arrived there when the tram came around the corner.  They boarded and each bear found a seat at a window.  Theodore enjoyed looking at the city as they went along and soon the first train lines and trains could be seen heading for the station.  "I had almost forgotten that a train is so long.  The engine has to be very big and strong to pull all those coaches," he thought.  Ferdinand Bear held the little bag of cookies tightly to make sure it did not slip off his lap.  Hernando and Merlena were sitting next to each other and did not say much.  Theodore guessed they were feeling rather sad that their cousin was leaving again.  The station was a beautiful big building with many arched entrances for the trains and another arched entrance for the travellers.  The bears got off the tram and Merlena Bear said, "I have been here often before and know my way to the ticket office.  Follow me and don't get lost.  It will be busy inside there."


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