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44. Good-byes

Shelley took her Mummy's hand and said, "Good-bye, Merlena Bear, good-bye Hernando Bear, good-bye Ferdinand Bear and good-bye Theodore Bear.  I hope you will enjoy the rest of your holiday in the city.  I will have to go to school again tomorrow but I will tell all my friends in the class about this lovely day."   "Good-bye, Shelley, we enjoyed having you come with us" the bears all said together and their sad voices sounded extra deep and growly.  Shelley and her Mummy slowly walked away.  Before they turned the corner to the next row of shops Shelley turned around to wave to the bears for the last time and then they could not see her any more.  "Let's go home now," said Merlena, "somehow I don't feel like sight-seeing any more today."  The other bears nodded silently and they walked out of the shopping mall together.


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