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46. Going to the Station

The hours passed quickly and soon it was time to go to the station.  Ferdinand Bear looked very smart with his fur neatly brushed and his blue tie straightened with a newly tied knot.  Merlena Bear came in and said,  "Ferdinand, this is for my kindest cousin in all the world to eat on the train in case he gets hungry along the way" and she gave him a cheeky wink as she handed over a little blue bag full of cookies.  Ferdinand peeped into the bag and his face lit up as he said, "Why, thank you, Merlena, you are my kindest cousin in all the world!"  "Time to go now," said Hernando Bear, "it is quite a long way to the station and the next tram leaves in a few minutes."   Theodore Bear was looking forward to seeing all the trains.  "I will watch very carefully what all Ferdinand does," he thought to himself, "It is a very long time since I have been on a train and maybe I will do that again soon."


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Yum, cookies sound good right now!

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