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48. Ferdinand gets organised

The ticket office at the station had a big sign saying TICKETS HERE above the counter window. An arrow with flashing lights pointed to the sign.  The lady was friendly and helpful and in no time Ferdinand Bear had his ticket.  Theodore was so impressed.  "This has been easy," he said and the other bears all nodded in agreement.  Merlena led the way to a large board where they could find out which platform to go to and they made their way to Platform 24.  They had to go down the stairs, along the tunnel under all the train lines and up other stairs where the sign pointed to Platform 24.  There were many other passengers already waiting there with friends and family who had come to say good-bye.  Excitement was in the air as everyone had an eye on the big clock hanging on a chain and listened to the announcements on the loudspeakers. The train would be coming in about ten minutes so Ferdinand would not have long to wait.


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