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41. Let's play

"Hmmm" said Merlena Bear and sat up too.  The bears and Shelley had been relaxing in the shade while listening carefully to all that Theodore and Hernando had to tell them. "I think it is time to stretch our legs and play some games," Merlena said.   Shelley jumped up.  "Ooo, that would be lovely," she said, "what would you like to play?"  Merlena suggested the game "Dropping the Handkerchief" like they had played at her party and they all sat in a circle.  Theodore got his red spotted handkerchief out of his backpack again and was the first one to run.  Everybody had so much fun and then they played "Oranges and Lemons" and "Catch me if you can".   Hernando Bear was an expert at dodging out of reach and Theodore just could not catch him.   Shelly laughed and laughed as she watched.  She clapped her hands with excitement and said, "Catch him, Theodore!   Oh no, he escaped again!"


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