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38. Living in the Desert

Theodore Bear smiled again and took a deep breath.  Then he said, "No, you would not have to worry about being too hot in the desert.  All the houses have air-conditioning in every room to keep them cool.  The cars and buses are all fitted with air-conditioning too so driving is very pleasant.  And then it is much cooler in the winter and sometimes one could even see snow on the high mountains.  Oh, yes, there are mountains in the desert where I live.  Pretty gemstones can be picked up, if you look carefully, and people use them to make necklaces and bracelets.  The ladies like to wear those.   Not all deserts have mountains, some only have sand dunes.  There you will find camels with their big humps." Shelley hardly knew what to say but Hernando Bear had sat up again to listen carefully and he was the first one to speak.  "That is very different to where I live too", he said.  "Maybe one day I will go and have a look at a real desert."


Finding Charm said...

Such pretty rocks you find in the desert. I like to make pretties with them.

TG Bears said...

Maybe if Theodore should come by your place, he might bring you some.

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