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63. Leaving the City behind

After waving to his friends Merlena Bear and Hernando Bear on the platform until he could not see them any more, Theodore Bear closed the window as the train picked up speed.  He stowed his back pack and cane safely on the luggage rack above his head and settled down on the seat by the window.  Theodore wanted to see everything as the train traveled along. The tracks wound their way through the city and he could have a last look at the Tilly Towers and the picnic spot on the river bank but soon all the buildings were left behind and they were out in the country.  "There is the airport," said Theodore to himself, "there are not many airplanes today, but that big jet is beautiful.  Oh, and there is a very small plane coming in to land now."  Theodore was used to the desert scenery the train was passing through but he loved the sand dunes and the grass tufts and the cactus plants and watched carefully to see if he could spot any animals before it became too hot.


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