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103. Worth waiting for

For a  moment Theodore Bear just stood and looked at the empty Desk 106.  He looked around the office but everyone was busy and they took no notice of him. Theodore did not know what to do next.  He was about to turn around and leave again when he noticed a small piece of cardboard leaning against the pile of papers stacked on one corner of the desk.  He moved closer to be able to read something in neat writing.  "Back in 10 minutes. Please sit down and wait," he read.  "I have plenty of time," he thought and pulled out the chair.  It did not take long until Duty Bear came into the office with a big box tucked under his paw.  He smiled a wide smile and said, "Why, look who is sitting there waiting for me.  If it is not Theodore Bear.  How nice to see you."  He put the box down on the desk and held out his paw to Theodore.  "Welcome," he said.


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