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119. The Magic Panel

"Now, let me see if Oscar Bear is at home," said Theodore to himself while walking up to the glass front doors of the apartment block.  He pushed the door but almost bumped his head as it did not move.  The door was locked!  "Oh no, how will I find Oscar here in Palm Court if I cannot get inside," Theodore worried and frowned. He wondered what to do next when a lady came up behind him and she pushed a button in a big panel on the wall.  Suddenly a voice spoke out of the panel, the lady replied and then there was a loud click at the door. She opened the door and went in but closed the door quickly behind her again.  "Maybe I had better have a look at that magic panel too" Theodore thought and started reading the names on the list. At last he saw Oscar's name at Number 36 and a yellow light flashing on the button next to it. Theodore pushed that button and waited.


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