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126. The Preparations

Theodore Bear decided that his yellow bow would be just right to match the bright sunshine and tied it around his neck. Oscar was waiting for him with bottles of juice and the towels. "Theodore," he said, "I think it would be wise for you to also use these as the reflection of the sun on the sea and sand is very strong and not good for your eyes.  I will be taking mine too," and he handed over a pair of sunglasses and a big straw hat with a feather on the brim.  Theodore laughed at the idea of himself with sunglasses and a hat.  "Thank you, Oscar," he replied, "I will take your good advice."  Then they were ready and set off for the beach. Oscar found a sheltered spot and smoothed the sand so they could spread out the towels.  They sat down and sighed, "How nice to do nothing at all!"  After looking around for a while they lay back on the towels and put their hats over their faces.


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