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121. I see the Sea

Theodore Bear could hear the hum of the traffic in the street below and remembered that he was in a new city.  He rushed over to the window and looked out.  He saw all the cars and trucks and buses speeding along the road but was fascinated by the lovely view of the sea and the beach.  The deep shade of blue looked so restful and the waves ran out onto the sand, making the birds fly up when the water became too deep for their short legs.  A few early morning swimmers were riding in on the waves and Theodore marveled at their good timing.  Oscar was soon up too and at breakfast he suggested a plan for the day.  Theodore brushed his fur and wore his blue bow.  "This matches Oscar's blue suit and it will help me to feel cool too," he thought, "I will only take my red spotted handkie and the bottle of honey with today so that my back pack is not heavy."  But Oscar asked if he would please put the lunch bag in too and then they were ready.


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