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122. The Train in the Sky

"We will go downtown by rail," said Oscar Bear as he and Theodore were walking to the station, "have you ever traveled on a train that runs on a rail above the streets?"  Theodore was intrigued by the idea and then noticed the pillars supporting the rail with the blue train rushing along the tracks.  "No, not yet," he said, "this will be another new experience." And it was. They took the escalator up to the platform and stepped into the coach when the train pulled up quietly.  It moved off just as quietly and Theodore looked at all the very tall buildings passing by.  They were taller than he had ever seen before and seemed to almost touch the sky.  "We will get out at the next station," said Oscar, "and walk around among the skyscrapers and look in the shop windows. You will notice that  most signs are written in two languages and if you take note you will soon learn a few new words."


Finding Charm said...

What a fun trip! I've not been in one of those for a long time.

TG Bears said...

Well, visit Oscar Bear. I am sure he will take you too :-)

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