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125. Another new Plan

The next morning Theodore was up early and quietly opened the curtains.  He sat at the window to watch the sun come up over the sea and was thrilled to see the golden sunlight shining on the waves.  He saw the lovely white sandy beach and the many palm trees with their fronds swaying slowly in the gentle breeze.  "This is so peaceful," he thought to himself and then he heard Oscar busy in the kitchen.  He went to help him get breakfast ready and Oscar told him about his plan for the day.  "Would you like to go down onto the beach, Theodore, we just need to walk across the road and then along the path under the palm trees.  We will take some fruit juice with and two large striped towels to lie on so the sand does not get in our fur.  The sound of the waves on the shore is so relaxing and later on in the day when it gets hot we can find a shady spot under the trees."  "That would be wonderful, Oscar," Theodore answered and he smiled broadly at the idea.


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