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117. Some Advice for Theodore

"Good day, Sir, can you please tell me how to get to Palm Court in Palm Boulevard?" Theodore Bear asked the man at the Information Desk.  "Take the blue and white striped bus at the entrance and ask the driver to stop for you at Palm Court," the man said while writing in a big book and then he looked up. "Good gracious me, a Bear!" he exclaimed, "whatever are you doing here?" Theodore smiled at his surprise and explained, "I am traveling to see the world and my friend, Oscar Bear, lives here so I have come to visit him.  He lives at Number 36 Palm Court."  "That is wonderful," said the man, "have fun here.  This is a real holiday city and the sun is always shining, except when the wind is very strong or a thunderstorm comes!  Then you must take shelter quickly or you will get very wet." "Thank you, Sir, I will remember that," said Theodore and he went out to find the blue and white striped bus.


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