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120. Meeting Oscar again

The yellow light on the button stopped flashing and Theodore heard Oscar Bear's deep growly voice coming out of the panel.  "Who is there?" he said.  "Theodore Bear," came the reply.  "Come on in,   take the elevator to floor number six and I will be in the passage watching for you," said Oscar and the front door clicked again.  Theodore found his way easily and soon met Oscar.  "I am so pleased to see you, Theodore," said Oscar and held out his paw in greeting, "I wondered when you would be in my part of the world so I can show you around. Come inside and feel at home."  "Thank you, Oscar, it is good to see you too. I have been traveling for a while now and I have lots to tell you," replied Theodore, "I never imagined there is so much to see in the world."  Oscar made a big pot of honey tea and placed a bowl of blackberries on the table between them.  They sat there telling each other all that had happened since they met at Merlena Bear's birthday party. It was very late when Oscar said, "Tomorrow we will explore the city."  And soon the two bears were fast asleep.


Anonymous said...

Something special always happens when Theodore is visiting. Wonder what all he and Oscar will get up to??

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