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124. Homeward Bound

Theodore and Oscar Bear spent the whole day downtown just walking around and looking at anything that caught their fancy.  They read some of the menu's outside the cafés, stopped to admire a street artist's sketch but shook their heads when he asked if they would pose for him and spent time looking at an exhibition of photographs of the city.  Theodore could even recognise some of the places that he had seen in the morning.  "Maybe we should catch the train home now," said Oscar, "later on when the businesses close it is very busy and the trains are full. We can sit on my balcony and watch the sun go down.  That is so pretty when there are a few clouds about like this evening as they turn quite red.  Once it is dark there are coloured lights along the beach walks and that is lovely too."  "Excellent idea," agreed Theodore, "I will enjoy that. I like to look at the sea."


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