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118. Palm Boulevard

Theodore Bear was pleased to see the bus waiting at the stopping place outside the airport entrance.  He climbed aboard and spoke to the driver.  "Good day, Sir, I am going to Palm Court.  Will you please stop there for me?" and thus it was arranged.  More passengers arrived and soon they were on their way. Theodore looked around as they went along. They were driving in a wide palm-lined street at the beach front and Theodore was fascinated by the waves with their white foam caps  breaking onto the sandy shore.  He saw the birds flying overhead and guessed those must be sea gulls looking out for something to eat.  The terrace cafés were crowded with smiling patrons and children were having fun on the playground equipment.  The bus began to slow down and the driver called, "Palm Court on the right."  Theodore got off and stared at the beautiful, big building in front of him.  "Oscar Bear lives in a lovely place.  He can look at the sea all day," Theodore smiled.


Finding Charm said...

I'm so jealous! I want to be at the beach and have a friend live on it as well.

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