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123. Downtown again

Oscar Bear wanted to show Theodore all the interesting sights of the big city. They walked around and looked at the enormous variety of goods available in the shops and markets, they ate their lunch in one of the beautiful parks and Theodore enjoyed sitting under the big shady trees watching the squirrels running up and down the stems.  "Everything is so green here and there are so many palm trees," he said, "it is very different in the desert where I live.  It is hot there too but this is a humid heat so I need to wipe my brow often with my red spotted handkerchief," and he smiled at the thought. "Those are very dark clouds coming," said Oscar and stood up quickly, "I think we need to stand under that roof across the road.  The rain will be falling any minute."  Theodore picked up his back pack and he and Oscar ran for cover.  "We will be dry here," Oscar panted, "look, there are the first big drops on the sidewalk already."  A loud clap of thunder overhead made them jump in fright but the storm was soon over and the sun shone brightly again.


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