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127. At the Seaside

Theodore and Oscar Bear were relaxing on the beach and enjoyed listening to the soft, soothing sound of the sea.  Now and then they lifted their hats off of their faces to say something to each other and they sat up to sip some fruit juice.  More people had come down for a swim and further along a few boys were sitting on the rocks with fishing poles in their hands.  Theodore wondered if they would ever catch a fish and watched for a while to see if anyone was lucky.  Children were playing baseball or running races.  "What a lovely place to spend some time, Oscar, and if I lived here I would come to the beach every day," said Theodore. Oscar just smiled knowingly.  They lay back on their towels, put their hats over their faces again and Theodore was thinking about all the many places he had seen.  He thought he felt a light tap on his shoulder.  "I must have imagined that," he thought and then it happened again.  A little more definite this time.


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Wish I was on the beach relaxing!

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