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116. The Flight has just Landed

The aircraft flew lower and lower and Theodore Bear could get a good view of the city from the air.
He noticed the many trees and green places, the tall buildings and the harbor full of big ships and he spotted the airport with the long straight runways.  They flew around to get into position and came in to land.  Theodore felt the wheels touch the ground with a gentle bump and race along the runway. He heard the engines and the brakes slowing the plane down until it was moving slowly along to the front of the airport building.  When it stopped Theodore loosened his seat belt, took his back pack and cane from the baggage bin and got off the plane with all the other passengers.  He walked along with them to the Arrival Hall and was glad that he did not have to wait for more luggage to come in on the conveyor belt.  He found his way to the front of the airport and went over to the Information Desk.


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