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136. Pedro Bear tells

"I am Pedro Bear, as I told you, and my home is actually further north than where we are now.  Some time ago I thought I would like to go on a long journey and at last ended up in a city.  I did not like it much after being used to living in the countryside and was planning to go back home.  On the day I was going to leave, quite by chance I met up with these three bears who were also feeling homesick. They had also come from other places and we were sitting in a circle under a big, shady tree just like this one telling each other where all we had been and what experiences we had.  We made up our minds to stay for a few more days and meet again the next morning.  We stood up and were saying good-bye when somebody saw us and came over.  'My name is Dr Storke and you are exactly who I need for my advertising company,' he told us excitedly, 'will you travel around and deliver messages for me?' and that is the start of the story of how I came to be here today."


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