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131. Accomplished Builders

Timmy filled his bucket with sand and turned it upside down on the corner of the pile of sand.  "This is for the tower," he said stacking yet more sand on top of it, "and this must be shaped round like a real tower roof."  Theodore and Oscar were learning all about building a sandcastle and they were having fun doing it.  Soon the roof and the tower were complete.  "Now we have to draw the doors and windows on the sides," Timmy told them and they each chose a side to work on.  Timmy clapped his hands with pleasure when it was all done. "The castle still needs the big wall around it," he said and dug up some more sand for Theodore and Oscar to start shaping before he came to help them. "Our castle should have a flag," said Timmy thoughtfully and looked around on the sand.  "Oh, there is a piece of seaweed.  It is nearly the right shape for a flag. We can use that."  He ran over to fetch it and stuck it in the space between the castle and the wall.  "Perfect," he said.


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