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129. Construction Plans

Oscar Bear wondered who Theodore was talking to and sat up to look. He was amazed to see a little boy sitting on the sand with a serious expression on his face.  Timmy looked over at Oscar and was not sure what to do but Oscar smiled and said, "Hello Sonny."  Theodore turned to Oscar and said, "This is Timmy and he is six years old. He wanted to see if we are real bears.  Timmy, this is my friend, Oscar Bear."  "Hello Oscar," said Timmy, "Theodore says he does not know how to build a sandcastle. Can you build one?  I can show you both how."  And without waiting Timmy jumped up and ran over to fetch his bucket and spade from where he had left it. "The sand is too dry here so we need to go nearer the water," Timmy said when he came back, "will you build a sandcastle with me over there?  A very big one with a tower and a wall around it?  Will you? Please!" he begged.


Finding Charm said...

Wonder if they can build a sand mermaid too?

TG Bears said...

I am not sure if Theodore is into mermaids? :-)

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