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133. Hotels and Apartments

After Timmy left Theodore and Oscar dusted the sand out of their fur before they sat down on their big towels again.  "Who would have thought that I would come from the desert with all the sand to the beach where there is more sand and then build a sandcastle," said Theodore and laughed at himself.  "It is getting too hot here now. I suggest we walk along the path to the lawns and find a spot in the shade. You will be able to see all the big hotels and apartment blocks that have been built here at the beachfront for the tourists," said Oscar.  They put on their hats and sunglasses and folded up their towels before leaving. They strolled along and Theodore  looked at the beautiful buildings. "There must be wonderful views of the sea from so high up," he commented and then he stopped.  "Look, there in front at the fast food kiosk, Oscar, who do you think that could be?"


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