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134. Surprise Customers

Oscar Bear and Theodore stood still and watched the queue at the fast food kiosk, puzzling who the customers were.  "Nobody that I know," said Oscar, "but I think we must speak to them when they have been served." They sauntered along and arrived at the kiosk just as the customers walked away in the opposite direction with their bowls of salad.  "Excuse me," called Oscar and Theodore.  The four bears turned around and they were so  surprised to see two more bears in front of them that for the moment they could not think of anything to say.  "Hello," said Oscar, "I hope you do not mind us stopping you."  "Not at all," said the tall dark bear, "we are just so amazed to see you. Do you live here?  We are traveling and move on again later today.  If you have time, maybe we could sit under a tree together while we have our lunch and I can introduce myself and my three colleagues."


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