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137. Pedro Bear tells some More

Pedro Bear was telling Theodore and Oscar his story and he stopped for a while, looking very thoughtful.  "That was my lucky day," Pedro went on, "Dr Storke asked us to come to his office, which we did, and he told each of us what he wanted us to do.  It took us three days to make up our minds but we thought that could be fun and agreed.  He gave us each a colorful sash with a message on it and mine is blue. It is also my job to record all the places we go to and the names of all the people we meet in these files that I carry around with me by day. I enjoy what I do as I see so many happy faces when I deliver my messages and everybody smiles and is pleased to receive them.  But now I will ask my colleague here on my right to introduce himself and tell you his story." Pedro turned to the blonde bear sitting next to him and smiled, "Your turn now, over to you."


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