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135. Lunchtime

Oscar Bear and Theodore were equally surprised to see four bears in town.  "Yes, we do have time to spare and it would be lovely to sit under that big tree with you for a while," Oscar said and Theodore nodded in agreement.  They all shook paws together and told each other their names while walking over to the shade.  "Pedro, I think this would be a good spot," said Oscar as he and Theodore spread out their striped towels on the grass, "it is a little way from the path where everyone walks and thus nice and private."  They all sat down on the towels and Pedro Bear said, "I hope you do not mind if we eat our salads but we have our lunch break now and then we will have to leave again."  "We do not mind at all," Theodore and Oscar said, "but we are so keen to hear where you come from and why you are here in the city."  Pedro smiled and started his story.


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