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130. Under Construction

Theodore and Oscar smiled and stood up.  "Yes, we will help you build your sandcastle but you will have to tell us how to do it," they told Timmy as they walked down to the wet sand together. Timmy walked between them and asked the bears if they can swim, if they can surf and if they can use a fishing pole. "You have to put fat worms on to catch a big fish," he told them wisely, "and then you can fry the fish for supper.  Let's build here."  They all sat down on the sand and planned where the castle should be. Timmy said, "First of all we have to scrape a lot of sand together to make the castle.  Look, like this."  He began to dig in the sand with his spade and Theodore and Oscar helped to form it into a big square pile with their paws. "I have built many sandcastles with my Daddy so I know what to do," said Timmy trying to sound like an expert, "we can slope the top of the pile to make it like a roof with a point."  Slowly but surely the sandcastle was taking shape. They could do it nearly as well as Timmy could with his spade.  Then Timmy filled his bucket with sand and turned it upside down on top of the pile.  "This is for the tower," he said, "now we must shape it nicely with our hands. A tower must have a round roof, then we have to build the tower on the side and shape it.  After that we have to draw the doors and windows and do a big strong wall all around it."


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