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138. Bobby Bear's Story

Theodore and Oscar Bear looked at the big blonde bear who was wearing a similar blue sash with a message on it. "I am Bobby Bear," he said, "and my story is much the same as the one that Pedro told you except that my real home is a lot further north where there are high mountains.  It is very pretty there but it does get awfully cold and snowy in the winter and then my family and I take a long nap until it is springtime again.  I wanted to live where it is warmer to see what it is like not to sleep so much and here I am.  It is my job to deliver messages too and in this bag I have some lovely gifts to give away to the little boys who have just arrived.  Look, here is a fluffy dog that barks when you press on his tummy like this." Bobby Bear laughed as he prodded the dog with his paw and then he took something else out of his bag. "And here is a tiny blue Teddy Bear," he beamed, "isn't he beautiful?" and he smiled as he passed it to the cute little blonde bear leaning against the tree next to him.  "Here, Angela, give him a big hug," he said, "he is so huggable!"


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