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132. Well done, we say

Theodore and Oscar were quite impressed with the castle that they had built with Timmy and stood up to admire it.  They were all so busy that they had not noticed the crowd of people gathering around to watch the fun and were most surprised to hear applause.  "Well done, Sonny and your Bear helpers," they called out and somebody began singing, "For they are jolly good fellows."  Theodore and Oscar and Timmy hardly knew what to do so they just smiled and bowed and waved to the people.  The next surprise was not long in coming as before they knew it, the people had a wave rush in around their feet and it lapped right up to the wall of the castle before it receeded. Timmy quickly picked up his bucket and spade. "Thank you so much, Theodore and Oscar Bear, it was such fun to build a sandcastle with you but I must go home now. Good-bye," and he held out a little hand to shake paws with his new friends.  "Good-bye, Timmy, keep on building lovely big sandcastles like this. Thank you for showing us how to do it too," and they waved as Timmy ran on.


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