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128. A Visitor

Theodore slowly lifted the brim of his hat with his paw to see what was tapping on his shoulder.  A small face was peeping back at him.  "Hello," said a voice quietly.  Theodore sat up and pushed the hat backwards onto his head.  A little boy was sitting cross-legged on the sand next to him. "Hello," he said again, "I am Timmy and I am six years old. Are you really a bear?" Theodore could hardly believe his eyes but he smiled and said, "Hello Timmy, yes I am a real genuine bear and my name is Theodore.  If you shake my paw you can feel my soft fur," and he held out his paw in greeting.  Timmy shook it and then stroked over Theodore's fur.  "I have never met a real bear before," he said, "what are you doing here at the beach?"  "I have come to enjoy being at the seaside just like you," Theodore told him, "this is a first time for me."  "Can you build a sandcastle?" asked Timmy.  "A sandcastle?   No, I have never done that before. Can you build one, Timmy?" Theodore asked.


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