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159. The Flower Child

Theodore and Earth Bear enjoyed watching the film show, seeing some of the places where they had been on their walk and the wonderful animal photographs.  When it was over the campers had time to chat to each other about what they had seen and Earth Bear and Theodore joined in.  One visitor particularly had caught their attention and they wanted to meet her.  She was a happy looking bear wearing a pretty yellow outfit and she obviously liked flowers.  "Good evening, Ma'am," they said and told their names. "Hello," said the lady, "I am pleased to meet you two.  My name is Daisy Bear and I am spending a few days camping here before I take up my new job as the receptionist at this Camp Site. I am a real flower cub and I am sure you saw my daisy chain and the flower in my fur.  I love nature and this Mountain Park is one of my favorite places. Do you also both work here? I have some hot chamomile tea in a flask so come and share it and tell me what you do."

Daisy Bear tells

"A nice cup of hot tea is just right after sitting outside for a while," said Daisy Bear as she brought the tray.  Earth Bear agreed and then he told Daisy Bear that he was a Ranger at the Park but Theodore smiled and said, "No, I am just visiting my friend here and we have been repairing the nature trail after the rains.  I am actually traveling to see the world and all the many wonderful places.  Are you also traveling, Daisy?"  Daisy Bear looked surprised at the question.  "No," she said, "I have left home. You see, I come from a beautiful country in the north and lived there for a long time with my parents and my brother close by.  Then one day some mean hunters came with big guns and shot them all.  I was so sad and lonely that I decided to go far away.  I took these flowers with to remind me of home but I am here now and feel happy again among the trees in this peaceful Park.  It will be wonderful to live here where no one is allowed to bring a gun with them."


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