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161. Going Home

Theodore and Earth Bear walked on along the trail and as there was very little damage to the path on such a gentle slope they were soon at the bottom of the hill. "It is very pretty from here too," said Earth Bear, "we will be under trees and a stream flows next to the path for most of the way.  That means the fallen leaves are damp and look, like here, there will be many kinds of mushrooms and toadstools growing among them. I like looking at the toadstools with their long stems and brightly colored, pointed caps but I have never seen a fairy house in one yet," and Earth Bear laughed at his own joke.  Theodore looked at the toad stools.  "I think these would collapse if a toad sat on them," said Theodore and laughed too, "I wonder who thought of that name."  "We are almost at the Main Camp now," said Earth Bear, "the way home always seems shorter than the way out but it has been a lovely three days and we saw lots. Thank you for all the help with fixing the path too, Theodore."

Supper on the Verandah

At the Main Camp Earth Bear and Theodore stopped at the big office to report that they were safely back from their walk before going to Earth Bear's cabin.  It was almost getting dark by the time Earth Bear opened his door and he and Theodore unpacked their back packs. "A cup of honey tea will taste good with our supper" said Earth Bear, "we can sit on the verandah and maybe we will see some little animals walking between our cabins.  They do come sometimes and sniff around but we never leave any food scraps that might attract them lying around and they have to find their own meals in the wild."  Theodore and Earth Bear each took a bean bag outside and made themselves comfortable.  An owl flew silently over head to perch on a pole and then Theodore sat forward in his seat, "The branches on that bush are moving.  There must be something there.  I hope it will come out into the light because I would like to see it," he said softly.


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