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167. The Mayor

Theodore thought the Mayor looked very handsome and he noted the thick gold chain carrying a big round medal with what looked like the town's emblem on it. "That must be very heavy and I am sure very expensive to buy too," Theodore was thinking and then the Mayor began his speech. "Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen," he said, "we are honored to have Miss Festival Bear with us tonight and she has brought two special guests with her, Mr Theodore Bear and Miss Jenny Bear.  I wonder if they will please stand up and face the audience so you can all see them." Poor Jenny Bear  blushed shyly but they stood up and Theodore bowed to acknowledge the applause.  The Mayor smiled and continued, "and now I will introduce . . . Miss Festival Bear!  Give her a big hand, Ladies and Gentleman."  Miss Bear stepped up to the microphone.  She greeted the audience, turned  towards the orchestra and said, "Be inspired to play your best music ever tonight.  I love you all."

The Music

The conductor walked onto the podium and after bowing to the audience raised his baton to the orchestra and the first notes of music filled the hall.  Theodore was enthralled with the stirring sound of all the instruments playing together and marvelled at how the musicians played.  The violinists fingers moved deftly and their bows stroked evenly across the strings.  The double bass player had to stand up to play her part and the trumpeters and trombonists gave a special sound to the music while the flute players drew the sweetest tones from their silver pipes.  At the right time the timpanist struck the drums and Theodore just looked from one to the other as he listened. The orchestra played one lovely piece after the other and at the end of the program the audience stood up and applauded for a long time.  The players stood up too and bowed to the audience and then sat down again to play once more.  Theodore wished he could play beautiful music like that too but then he thought about the terrible squeak the violin made when he tried and changed his mind!


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