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162. The Masked Bandit

Theodore and Earth Bear watched the branches on the bush moving and waited patiently.  They could faintly see an outline of a body and then the little creature seemed to feel confident enough to peep out.  "Oh, it is a raccoon," said Earth Bear, "notice the face.  It looks like a bandit wearing a mask with that black stripe across the eyes.  They are so cute but can be troublesome by tipping over trash cans or even coming into one of the cabins and making quite a mess.  Some people say they wash their food before they eat it, but I am not sure if they really do that."  They watched the raccoon stand up on its hind feet to reach a seed on the bush and then pounce on a large moth before disappearing behind the next cabin.  "Brrr! It is getting too cold out here now," said Earth Bear, "let us go inside and have another cup of honey tea to warm us up."  And they did.

Earth Bear has an Idea

Theodore and Earth Bear warmed their paws on their cups and sipped the hot honey tea.  When his cup was empty Theodore placed it on the little table next to him and said, "Earth Bear, I have enjoyed my visit with you immensely and learned about nature but you have to go and repair the fence tomorrow and I think I will catch the bus when it comes in from town.  Thank you so much for a lovely three days."  Earth Bear nodded and then he said, "Yes, repairing a fence is not as interesting as a walk and you saw the best part of the Mountain Park.  Oh, and I nearly forgot. . "  Earth Bear went across to his shelf and brought a little card with a pretty forest picture on it.  "We can each put a paw print on this and send it to Merlena Bear from us as she must be wondering where you are. There is a post box at the bus terminus and you can drop it in tomorrow."  "Good idea, Earth Bear," smiled Theodore and they both made their neatest paw prints on the card.


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