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170. Music and more Music

Theodore and Jenny sat down on one of the benches to listen to the music.  There were so many different musicians each with their own style of playing. The guitar duets sounded good, choir groups sang many popular songs, bands with big amplifiers turned up the volume and the small ensembles playing classical music also had a turn.  After listening for a long time, Jenny Bear suggested that they walk around once more. They heard some music players who were not there earlier and they had unusual instruments. Tiny flutes held with cupped hands, a frame with a row of wooden keys, long tube-shaped drums and a flat board with many strings played with little oval-shaped hammers. Theodore was fascinated and wanted to listen to each one.  When Miss Festival Bear's duties for the day were over the bears walked home.  "There is one more event to attend tonight," said Jenny Bear, "but that is a surprise for you, Theodore. You will have to wait and see."

The Surprise

Theodore Bear puzzled about what the surprise could be and he was told he would have to wait until it got dark to find out.  After supper Jenny Bear brought a board game to keep them busy until it was time to walk back to the Main Street.  "Just come as you are," said Miss Festival Bear as she neatened her sash and made sure her crown was still on straight.  They strolled along with all the others who were heading in the same direction.  The Mayor was there too and he welcomed the people.  Suddenly there was a loud bang and Theodore got quite a fright but then he saw the beautiful shower of rainbow colored streaks in the sky.  "A fireworks display," he breathed with pleasure.  One spectacular burst of color after the other lit up the sky, a bunch of golden rockets, a fountain-shaped play of lights and big balls of millions of stars.  "What a surprise that was," he  told Jenny and Miss Bear afterwards, "thank you for keeping it a secret after all."


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