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165. Tea with Jenny Bear

Jenny Bear brought the raspberry tea and some delicious nutty cookies and the bears settled down to catch up on each other's news.  Jenny asked Theodore where all he had been since they last met at Merlena Bear's party and he told them all about his travels.  "I have had a lot of fun," he added, "and I have learned many new things.  Please don't ask me what was the best as everything was wonderful."  Miss Festival Bear listened carefully.  "I will be doing some traveling too," she said, "and there are more festivals for me to attend.  Maybe I will also have so much fun."  Jenny Bear looked at the big clock on the wall.  "Theodore," she said, "I hope you will spend some time here with us.  You slept so well on Merlena's sofa and mine is very comfortable too.  We would like to show you around the town and take you with to the Music Festival. You will enjoy it too, I  know."

A Happy Outing

"I must look very smart today," Theodore thought to himself when he woke up the next morning, "I will be going out with two pretty ladies."  He brushed his fur well, put on his fine red bow and looked into the mirror to make sure it was straight.  At breakfast Jenny Bear said, "It is a bit cloudy this morning but it will most likely clear up later on. I think it will be nice to go downtown and see all the preparations for the Music Festival.  This town is not so big and we can just walk from here."  "Good idea," said Theodore and Miss Bear almost together and in a short while they were ready to leave.  They walked along Victoria Lane looking at the lovely old houses, strolled through the park to see the beautiful flower displays and spent time window shopping in the mall.  Theodore was so interested in all the stalls set up and Miss Festival Bear chatted to many of the vendors about their wares.  Flags waved in the gentle breeze and streamers hung between the lampposts.  "This all looks so happy and festive," Theodore commented, "and tomorrow the musicians will be here too?"


Cari Baker said...

Yeah! Music and Fun, and more Fun! Love the Pink and Blue House… Must be Jenny Bears Place!

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