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163. Preparing for Tomorrow

Theodore Bear decided to pack his back pack before he went to bed so it would be ready in the morning.   He took off his yellow bow and said to himself, "I have not worn this orange one for a while so I will put it on tomorrow.  I will not be going on a long trip this time and will save my green bow for another day."  He brushed his fur before putting the brush away and made sure the honey bottle was standing upright.  He folded the red spotted handkerchief again and then laid all his bows in neatly with the little white envelope of addresses on top. "There, all done," he thought as he fastened up the buckles and stood his walking cane beside the back pack.  Soon the little cabin was in darkness and Theodore lay listening to some of the night sounds outside before he drifted off into a deep and peaceful sleep.

Good-bye Earth Bear

Earth Bear and Theodore were up early the next morning and Theodore looked very smart wearing his orange bow.  Earth Bear walked over to the bus stop with him and they did not have long to wait until the bus arrived. "Good-bye, Earth Bear and thank you," said Theodore, "take care along the fence today."  "I will," said Earth Bear, "have a safe trip. Good-bye, Theodore, I will go off to work now," and they shook paws before Theodore climbed up into the bus.  A few more passengers  got on the bus and soon they were on their way to town.  Theodore enjoyed the ride and looked out of the window at the scenery.  They left the mountains behind and it did not take long until the bus arrived at the terminus.  The driver called out the numbers of the bus stops for those continuing their journeys and Theodore hurried over to Number 4, stopping only to drop the picture card for Merlena Bear into the post box.  The bus was waiting at the stop and Theodore boarded at once.


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