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164. A short Journey

"All aboard," called the driver and he drove away from the terminus.  Theodore had again chosen a good seat at the window and he settled back to look at the scenery along the way. Once out of the town on the highway he could enjoy the wide open spaces of the farmers' fields.  He also saw the herds of cattle and flocks of sheep but most of all he liked to see the beautiful horses grazing in the meadows. "It is a pity that the road does not take the bus through all the little towns so I could see them too," Theodore said to himself, "but it means I will soon be getting off again."  He lifted his back pack and cane down from the luggage rack and took out the little envelope of addresses.  He found the one he wanted and read the name on it.  "'Jenny Bear,  Cottage Number 47, Victoria Lane, ( just off Main Street).'  That will be easy to find," he thought as the driver turned off the highway and entered the town, stopping at the Town Hall. Theodore said good-bye and got off.

Cottage Number 47

Theodore Bear looked at the map of the town on the big board at the bus stop and then he knew exactly how to find Jenny Bear's cottage.  He walked along the Main Street, turned left into Victoria Lane and soon found himself at Cottage Number 47.  He opened the little wooden gate and stepped up to the front door.  Knock, knock, he tapped and waited.  The door opened a little way and Jenny Bear peeped around it to see who was there.  "Theodore Bear," she said and a big smile spread across her face as she opened the door wide, "I am pleased to see you.  Come in and have some tea.  I am sure you must be thirsty after traveling."  Jenny Bear led the way into her living room and then said, "Theodore, I would like you to meet my friend who is here for a few days.  This is Miss Festival Bear.  She will be the guest of honor at the Music Festival tomorrow and that is why she is wearing this lovely wide sash and a crown on her head."  Theodore held out his paw and bowed politely, "Pleased to meet you, Miss Bear," he said.


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